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Cycle to Work Scheme

We are registered to provide bikes under various cycle to work schemes, including schemes run by the NHS, CyclePlus and the cycle scheme.

Cycle to Work Schemes are tax free schemes backed by the government. Employers set up the schemes to encourage their employees to make healthier, greener journeys to work.

How a cycle to work scheme works

Your employer may either run a cycle to work scheme themselves or through a third-party provider, like a bike shop. Through the scheme, you could get access to a loaned bike and/or safety equipment.

You must use the bike and/or safety equipment mainly (more than 50 per cent of the time) for 'qualifying" journeys. This means a journey or part of a journey:

Making loan repayments

Your employer may want to recover all or part of the cost of loaning you the bike and/or safety equipment. If so, you would then make loan payments back to your employer over an agreed period (typically 12 to 18 months) to spread the cost.

The loan payments are usually taken out of your salary through a 'salary sacrifice" arrangement. This means you agree to accept a lower amount of salary in return for a benefit - the loan of a cycle and/or safety equipment.

At the end of the loan, your employer may give you the opportunity to buy the bike for its full market value, if you wish. Or, you may be able to continue loaning the bike at no cost - as long as you still use it for qualifying journeys.

It's up to your employer to decide whether to run a cycle to work scheme and how it will work. So, talk to your employer directly if you're interested in taking part.

Make sure you check whether you or your employer will be responsible for maintenance and insurance for the bike. You should also ask your employer what happens if you decide to leave the scheme before the end of the loan period.

Come in to talk to us about your requirements, and your individual employers scheme, as the different schemes are slightly different. We will be able to assist you in your choice of equipment and what you will need to provide from your employers to set up your account with the scheme.
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